Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit.

This looks so much like Hann

This looks so much like Hann

Sometimes I feel most alone when I am surrounded by the biggest amount of people.




Thank you

a teacher at my school has these posted on the side of her desk

I gave these to my teacher and she stuck them up all over the school. 

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I feel kinda lost without you not here beside me but the butterflies I have whilst I think about you still drive me crazy but I’m still stuck on the thought on whether you think about me at all.

The feeling of fitting into a size 4 jumpsuit though


My friend just perfectly explained to his girlfriend why opposites attract in relationships in 6 words. “you complete what I am not” that’s why two people that are so different can be together. I need a positive to my negative, a light to my dark, a hot to my cold. That really got me..

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To love or not to love?
To fuck up or not to fuck up?


okay then


okay then

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